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L’Aura Hladik of the New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society will present "Haunted Transportation: Ghostly Sightings via Air, Land & Sea" on November 28th at 7:00pm!

You thought security was a nightmare at the airport! Wait until you hear about the ghostly results of Eastern Airlines flight 401 and phantom planes from Wales to Ohio to Pennsylvania.
Prefer rail travel? Think twice! From Gettysburg, PA to Pattenburg, NJ; there are tragic events that still travel along these forgotten rail lines.

Long before Princess Cruises, the "Gray Ghost" floated on the ocean waters. Today the Queen Mary is docked in Long Beach, California along with her ghostly passengers. All along the American seaboard lovely lighthouses dot the landscape providing the guiding light to ships in the night and foggy air. However, some lighthouse keepers aren’t corporeal, but are still at work keeping the light lit!


No matter which form of travel you favor, these haunting tales along with photos, audio and video clips will have you opting to sit home and watch the Travel Channel instead!

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