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The Perfect Score Project : Uncovering the Secrets of the SAT
Stier, Debbie

In an effort to help her son do well on his SATs, Debbie Stier took her parental guidance to the next level. Not only did she study for the test herself, but she took the SATs as well--seven times! She used all the big name test prep books, signed up for classes, and even hired a grammar coach.

Stier uses her adult perspective to offer tips and tricks based on her research and firsthand experiences. Her goal was to break down this intimidating process and get to the bottom of all the choices to determine what really works.

You might think that with his mother obsessively taking the SATs for his own sake, Stier's teenage son would hide in embarrassment. Instead, Ethan was grateful for all the insider info his mom amassed. So it seems like this book will serve both teenagers and their parents well.

Keep in mind that this book will be relevant until 2016, when the SAT will undergo some changes.

Until then, take advantage of this valuable study aid!