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If you’ve been waiting for the process of checking out our library eBooks to become as simple as "See Book-Read Book" right in your web browser then welcome to OverDrive READ-the Next Generation of eBooks.

OverDrive READ is a web browser-based eReading experience that works on any device (computers, smartphones, tablets) and gives you instant access to our library's eBook collection-both online and offline. Currently this platform works only with our EPUB titles.  Audiobooks and video will be integrated into this platform later this year. The best part about OverDrive READ is "NO software or apps to install and NO device activation needed". All you need is a library card number and a device with a modern web browser.

You can check out some of the features of OverDrive READ in this tutorial:

Here are a few pointers from OverDrive about the READ platform:

  • With OverDrive Read, you don’t need to worry about Adobe IDs or Adobe Digital Editions. There’s no software to download or apps to install. Just “See Book—Read Book” in your browser.
  • You can sync to “furthest page read” between devices. You can start reading in Chrome on your desktop computer, pick up where you left off in Safari on your iPad, and then again in your Android phone’s default browser. Just navigate to your Bookshelf on your library’s website to resume where you left off.
  • You can customize the font, font size, justification, line spacing, even the theme.
  • Use bookmarks or the unique “thumb placeholder” feature to save your place.
  • Looking for a specific passage? With full-book searchability, you’ll have no trouble locating that elusive quote.
  • We recommend using HTML5 browsers such as Google Chrome (works across multiple platforms), Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, and Safari.
  • If you’re using older versions of Internet Explorer, you may be prompted to install the ‘Chrome Frame plug-in’ when you click on an eBook to read for the first time. Don't worry, the software is free, and only takes moments to install.

For more on how to use OverDrive Read, check out our help site for a more detailed guide.