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The excitement was palpable! The children squealed with glee when presented with various aquatic creatures. First, the children met Angie, the diamondback Terrapin turtle. Angie was orphaned as an egg after her mother was hit by a car. Everyone learned that humans remain the turtle’s biggest threat. Next, the audience was introduced to Nada. Her full name is Nada-Snake, because she is not-a-snake, she is a legless lizard! Unlike snakes, legless lizards can blink – wink, wink! When Harry the Horseshoe Crab made his appearance the children were thrilled because they were allowed to hold him. Last, but not least, Lizzy the alligator was presented. Lizzy the was originally purchased as someone’s pet, but promptly grew too large for a mere mortal to care for. For more information on the NJ Academy of Aquatic Sciences, click here.