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Would you like to compare your company’s growth against that of your competitors?  Perhaps you're looking for a promising new career field or determining the feasibility of a business idea.

ReferenceUSA's NEW U.S. Historical Businesses file has over ten years of data stored, so you can see the progression of a company, industry, or community. With 150 million records, researching and comparing business and industry trends just became simpler.

With Historical Data, you can determine if efforts to revive an industry in a community have been successful. Using the mapping feature, you can track the businesses in a community over the past decade. You can easily chart out the total number of businesses, categorize businesses by SIC codes, and view sales volumes for a determined time period.

Search by industry code or company name. Set limiters such as location and time frame. Use the map-based search for a graphic view. You can compare up to four companies at a time, looking at sales volume and employee size.

With all the features available, this new file is a valuable addition to our business research resources.