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Looking for land and/or building space in Burlington County? Want to relocate to or establish your business in Burlington County? Use the new Business & Developer Site Finder, an interactive map and listing of available buildings and land for sale or lease provided by real estate agents, broker, landowners, and developers.

Like to list your properties for sale here? Real estate agents and developers, let buyers know about your properties! Market your properties in the Site Finder.  Visit the site to request a user ID and password and soon you'll be able to input information about your real estate to the level of detail you choose. 

The listings will be kept updated, always fresh you will receive periodic email reminders about whether your real estate remains available; your positive response keeps it on the website, no response removes it from the website. Your real estate seekers can sort properties by type, size, for-sale, for-lease and view maps that show your real estate, roads, environmental features, generalized zoning and other relevant information. Visitors interested in your property will receive your contact information immediately on the website and our tracking process will provide information for your follow up.


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