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Have you used our newly revamped catalog, we've received some questions in regards to the differences in layout and functionality and hope to answer those questions below


How do I log-in?

When viewing our new catalog, there are several options for logging in to your account.

  • Along the top of the screen, clicking on Log In or My Account will bring up the log-in screen
  • Clicking My Account & Catalog will do the same
  • Requesting any item in the catalog will automatically ask you to log-in if you are not already


Where are My Lists?

My Lists are available! Lists created in our previous catalog will transfer over the first time you log in to your account. This is a one-time-transfer! Lists will not be maintained across both catalogs. For more help, click here.


Choose your pickup location!

One of the main differences in our new catalog is that you MUST choose your own pickup location. The default location will be our Headquarters location in Westampton. If you wish for the item to be delivered to one of our other locations (or via the Library in a Bag service) you must choose the location from the drop down menu that appears.


Why does the system log me out?

There is a 10 minute log out on our new catalog. This is the same timeout that was attached to our previous catalog, but one difference is that our new catalog allows you to open multiple windows of content while browsing our collection. If a tab is open for an extended period of time, the content will go away and the tab will reload as the catalog homepage.

In addition, leaving multiple tabs open in your browser can cause the system to log you out of a tab you aren't using. This would affect any tabs you are using to access the online catalog.


Why does nothing appear under My Account?

Some patrons are experiencing issues with different browsers and the way our site is displayed. The main problem we have noticed is with Internet Explorer. To remedy the issue, make sure you are using the most current version of your browser. If you're computer is telling you to update your browser  (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) you should update! If you are running Windows XP and IE8, our catalog will not work for you. Please consider downloading Google's Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox (we use that in the library).



If you have a question, please let us know via our General Inquiry Form.