A collection of whimsical short stories, a darkly humorous mystery, a tale of love lost and one of friendship gained…here’s just a sampling of what you can find in our New Fiction section. Check one out today and get lost in a new and exciting story!

Beautiful Ruins: a novel
by Jess Walter
New F Walter [also available in Sight Saver, book on CD, and ebook]   
It starts out as the kind of story a grandfather would tell his grandchildren: fifty years ago, as a young man in Italy, he fell in love with an American actress who melted his heart.  But from there, the story takes an unexpected turn, one that would cause an elderly gentleman to keep this particular story to himself. Yet, even without sharing it, it never stopped weighing on his mind. And now, decades later, the elderly man is looking for clues to his past, starting with a movie studio. This book proves that even stories with unexpected endings can be beautiful.

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Vampires in the Lemon Grove: stories
by Karen Russell
New F Russell [also available in Sight Saver, book on CD, and ebook]
A collection of imaginative short stories by Russell, author of Swamplandia!. Each story contains a bit of surprising magic, often turning sorrow into whimsy.  A veteran’s tattoo comes to life, allowing a masseuse to change his memories.  A boy finds receipts and ticket stubs from his future, and tries to use this evidence to change his present.  Russell introduces unexpected incidents seamlessly, as if factory workers turning into silkworms were an everyday occurrence. A series of stories that will challenge your imagination.

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Three Graves Full
by Jamie Mason
New F Mason [also available as a downloadable audiobook]
Jason is just an average guy, living an ordinary life. Until the day his rage gets the best of him and he commits a murder. After burying the man in his yard, Jason is constantly distressed, waiting for his crime to be discovered. His worst fear comes to life when landscapers uncover a body while working on his yard. There’s just one problem—it’s not the man he killed. The investigation continues and Jason finds himself mixed up with a cast of characters searching for clues about the victim and the perpetrator. The perspective is surprising; you’ll find yourself feeling sympathy for average-Joe-turned-desperate-murderer Jason. Dark humor pervades this mystery.

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Calling Me Home
by Julie Kibler
New F Kibler
Although Dorrie had been cutting Isabelle’s hair for years, she never considered her octogenarian customer more than a casual friend. Until the day Isabelle asks Dorrie to drive her from their Texas hometown to Cincinnati. Finding it a good excuse to distance herself from her own problems, Dorrie agrees, and on the journey she learns about her client’s past—a love affair ruined because of racial discrimination in the 1930s. As Isabelle opens up about the reason for their journey, she and Dorrie build a strong bond.

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The Art Forger
by B.A. Shapiro
New F Shapiro [also available in Sight Saver, book on CD, and ebook]
Claire, a struggling young artist, jumps at the chance to display her work in a well-known gallery. Unfortunately for her, the deal is too good to be true; her end of the bargain involves reproducing a stolen Degas painting. As she works to reproduce the painting without getting caught, Claire suspects that this supposed original is also a forgery. In between holding up her end of the bargain, Claire has to navigate her artist boyfriend's newfound fame. An examination of art and authenticity amidst the backdrop of a true art heist. Though the book is fictional, the missing Degas painting was actually stolen during one of the largest unsolved art thefts. Thirteen paintings were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.

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