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Yeah that's about how long I've been thinking about and watching genre films for the topic of this blog.  Sounds serious right?  Well comedic film is not a laughing matter.  That being the case here is a little list of the hard work I've put in for this blog:  The Watch, Hangover 2, Hall Pass, 3 Idiots, and Horrible Bosses.  Whew!

But, as you can imagine, watching the films was the easy part.  The hard part is always the writing.  I was going to go the history route and write about how comedic theatre began in ancient Greece and we've been laughing ever since.  Or I was going to mention the bleak, cold weather and how nothing can warm you up like a good laugh.  There was also the laughter is the best medicine route but that's been done.  Then I thought maybe writing about the various genre's would be best:  satire, black comedy, romantic comedy, and screwball comedy but eh....who cares about all that nonsense.  What I really want to write is - - Stop reading this blog and head down to your local BCLS branch and check out some fun, funny movies and have a good laugh on us!