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Books in our Oversize Collection showcase spectacular photographs and drawings.

They don't fit on the regular shelves, so we have them on a special shelf in Aisle 13 (at County HQ). Topics covered in these books include art, architecture, fashion, and nature. The images are extremely detailed. Most importantly, these books are fun to read!

Here are just a few of the many eye-catching oversize books we own.


Polar Obsession
Nicklen, Paul
OVERSIZE 591.709113 Nic




Van Gogh and Gauguin : the studio of the south
Druick, Douglas W.
OVERSIZE 759.9492 Dru





Reflections in Black : a history of Black photographers, 1840 to the present
Willis, Deborah
OVERSIZE 770.8996 Wil




A photographer's life, 1990-2005
Leibovitz, Annie
OVERSIZE 779.2092 Lei



Lady Gaga
Richardson, Terry
OVERSIZE Bio Lady Gaga



National Geographic visual atlas of the world
National Geographic Society





Creative scrapbooking : [turn treasured keepsakes into works of art]
Lord, Melody
OVERSIZE 745.593 Lor