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As June rapidly approaches, students are looking forward to the end of the school year. With summer vacation in mind, it may be difficult to keep students engaged and learning. BCLS has compiled a list of online sources that will inspire you to create interesting end of the year lessons!

Education World: Activities for the End of the School Year

Scholastic: End of the Year Activities

TeachHUB: 12 Ways to Keep Kids Motivated at the End of the Year

TeachHUB: Top 12 Effective End of the School Year Activities

How can the library help?

The library is a great place to obtain resources for several of the activities listed on the above pages. For instance, TeachHUB suggests students create their own children’s book. The library provides an array of picture books and non-fiction materials that can serve as inspiration!

Literature circles, poetry writing, book awards and reading marathons are other suggested activities. BCLS conveniently provides access to resources for these projects.

With help from the library, you can make end of the year learning fun and engaging!