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Even if you haven’t been in school for years, the next couple weeks you may notice a certain smell in the air, that scent of school which for many of us brings back the memory of and fuels our desire for learning.  If you are one of these people, then what better place to look for learning then the library.  I’m not talking about books or computer classes (even though we offer both) right now I’m talking about documentary television shows.  Feel free to learn about:  first ladies, nature, science and/or history or choose another topic with a quick Subject Keyword search.  For example, here’s how I like to perform my searches for documentary television shows in our online catalog:

  • General Keyword enter PBS
  • Look to the right of your screen and hopefully you will see Sort By and Limit By
  • Sort By choose Publication Descending (this choice will get you the latest DVDs listed first but feel free to select any other choice)
  • Limit By choose Media: Videos, DVDs, Films, Slides, etc...