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The countdown to the premier of The Last Jedi has finally reached single digits! With trailers full of epic teasers and filming locations of ancient mystery, the newest Star Wars episode is promising to fill us once again with that teary, wide-eyed sense of wonder we felt the first time we experienced the original trilogy.

Do you already have your tickets? Are you attending an opening night fan event or a special viewing? Do you plan to show up in costume? How are you spending your Star Wars weekend?

Star Wars has touched countless fans over the decades and often for very different reasons. What is it about Star Wars that moves you the most? Do you love the spectacle of the battles and chases? Do you relate to the search to know one’s inner self, or has the Jedi path always appealed to you? Good science fiction (or even science-fantasy as some have categorized Star Wars as) should move you. Science fiction is not just escapism for nerds. It teaches and it touches.

There are science fiction subgenres of many flavors. Try an outer space survival or adventure, a pondering of what’s out there, a search for what it means to be human, a guess into the future, or a mystical saga spanning generations. There are even some award-winning gems that just might help you recapture that feeling of awe and wonder!