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BCLS has noticed that Rancocas Valley Regional High School hosts French, Spanish and Italian language clubs. In order to build upon foreign language skills, the library has provided a list of educational and recreational resources to assist with the learning process. Whether you need to practice throughout the school year, or during the summer, these materials serve as great educational tools. These items can also supplement the classroom curriculum.


Rosetta Stone

Providing access to twelve language packages. This includes Spanish (Latin American), Arabic, French, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, American Sign Language, English (for Spanish Speakers) and English ( for Japanese Speakers).

This database teaches users to converse naturally, improve vocabulary and learn audio recognition.


Interested in watching foreign films? Type the following subject headings into the Subject Keyword search field in the Catalog.

Foreign Films—France—Audio Visuals

Foreign Films—Italy—Audio Visuals

Foreign Films—Spain—Audio Visuals

If you wish to locate films in another language, simply substitute the country of origin in the subject heading. For instance Foreign Films—Greece—Audio Visuals, Foreign Films—Japan—Audio Visuals etc.

Other Resources

BCLS houses a variety of books and audiovisuals that can assist with learning a foreign language. We have provided a list of simple search terms that can be used to locate Spanish, Italian and French language materials in our Catalog. By inserting these subject headings into the Subject Alphabetical field, users will be relocated to a list of other detailed search terms.

French Language

Italian Language

Spanish Language

If you need any assistance locating materials, or searching the catalog, contact your local BCLS branch for support.