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During a difficult time of transition, Megan Murphy would often find herself searching for random, positive signs from the universe on her daily walks along the beach. Discovering a heart-shaped stone or a piece of rare sea glass encouraged her to believe she was heading in the right direction. One day, Murphy had an epiphany: perhaps others might also be looking for such inspiration. And so, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She took a marker and wrote a positive message on a small, round stone and left it on the beach. It was discovered by a friend who called to thank her for helping to turn around a bad day. Murphy continued leaving inspirational messages on rocks at the beach and, at the suggestion of her daughter, added the hashtag #thekindnessrocksproject. Soon, strangers from all over the world were sharing with her how much finding a rock meant to them and a grassroots kindness movement was born.

On June 21 and 22, Cinnaminson Library will join in that movement. Come to the library on those days and we’ll have everything you’ll need to create your own Kindness Rocks to help spread joy randomly throughout the world. All ages are welcome, so why not take a few minutes to brighten someone else’s day?