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In this New York Times book list, graphic designers and artists discuss their favorite book covers from 2012.

With so many interesting covers to choose from, you might find yourself picking up a book based on intriguing cover art alone! Here are a few more titles with curious covers.


The Goldfinch

Tartt, Donna

F Tart

After his mother dies in a tragic accident, Theo clings to a painting which reminds him of her. Soon, he is immersed in the world of art.


The Art of Immersion : how the digital generation is remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the way we tell stories

Rose, Frank

306.48 Ros

We're watching more television than ever before, but the way we're watching it is evolving. No longer passive consumers, people are using the internet to be active participants in the world of media.


The Teleportation Accident

Beauman, Ned

F Beauman

Stage designer Egon Loeser leaves Berlin to pursue a disinterested woman and arrives in Los Angeles, where a Caltech physicist is trying to develop a teleportation device.



By Blood

Ullman, Ellen

F Ullman

A disgraced professor takes a downtown office to plot his return. But the walls are thin and he's distracted by voices from next door. His neighbor is a psychologist, and he begins to follow their stories.



The Vanishers

Julavits, Heidi

F Julavits

Julia drops out of psychic school after her instructor forces her to relive her mother's suicide. But leaving school doesn't affect her powers; she is recruited to help find a missing artist.