Jaws in space isn't as ridiculous as it might seem. The Jaws franchise pushed the limits of "jumping the shark" by having the great-white follow Mrs. Brody to the Bahamas in the fourth installment...which was all about revenge. While there never was a fifth Jaws, it surely would have eventually gotten to the level of in-orbit shark attacks.


     Jaws by Peter Benchley
The classic, blockbuster thriller of man-eating terror that inspired the Steven Spielberg movie and made millions of beachgoers afraid to go into the water. Experience the thrill of helpless horror again -- or for the first time!



     Jaws - 124 min.  Rated PG       Also on Blu-Ray
A man-eating shark causes havoc off the Long Island coast and three men join together to hunt and destroy it.

     Jaws 2 - 117 min.  Rated PG
Sequel to the popular big man-eating shark flick. This one features another shark with an appetite.

     Jaws 3D - 99 min.  Rated PG
Marine biologists at Sea World discover a great white shark. When it dies, its 35-foot mother seeks revenge.

     Jaws: The Revenge - 91 min.  Rated PG-13
In the fourth film of the series, Chief Brody's wife leaves town to go to the Bahamas. She soon discovers that the shark has followed her.