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Yes there's the beach, the pool, vacations, and plenty of fun in the sun but for us movie buffs it's also time for all those Summer Blockbusters!  Heck I've already seen two:  MIB 3 and Prometheus.  Three if I count The Avengers.

Some would say it all began in the summer of 1975, a film riddled with difficulties (mechanical breakdowns, financial overruns, and panicked rewrites) became the first blockbusting summer film ever and this movie  was Jaws.  Until then summer movies were just plain, ordinary movies; released earlier to selected theaters in large cities there was no wide distribution that included the local neighborhood theaters.  But Universal Studios made the bold decision to release the film in over 500 theaters nationwide; soon enough we were all bit by "fish fever".  Unfortunately, for those of us that grew up near and vacationed down the shore swimming in the ocean would never be the same ...duh dum....duh dum....duh dum duh dum...

Just two summers later Jaws was pushed out of the number one spot by an action adventure fantasy film filled with heroes, villains, explosions, chase scenes and a cast of characters we had never seen the likes of before; Star Wars

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