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Maple Shade library hosted an event on August 16th that was based on the Food Network program Iron Chef. Patrons who attended the competition were invited to create one dish per round based on two secret ingredients. Patrons created team names and were given 40 minutes per round to use a table-full of snack-able, decorative items to create culinary masterpieces full of imagination and sugar!

Round one began with a reveal of the first secret ingredient, CUPCAKES! Chefs were off and running, grabbing everything they needed and running back to their stations! Skewers pierced through multiple cupcakes, food coloring was vigorously mixed with icing, and fruit-by-the-foot was rolled out onto plates! Chef's were given special instruction to include pretzel sticks in their creations in order to earn two extra points at the end of the round. After 40 minutes, chef's presented their dishes and scores were displayed on the dry-erase scoreboard. Round one went to team Szcykalski with his Minecraft inspired dish!

The chefs then continued on to round two, where they were required to create a s'more-type dish using the secret ingredient, GRAHAM CRACKERS! As most of the extra ingredients had been used in the first round, items were limited which led to a burst of creativity! Standard s'mores began popping up at all chef stations, but were quickly turned into bases for truly extraordinary platters! Farmhouses, nuclear missile silos, and a replica of the Wonka Chocolate Factory were assembled with walls of graham cracker and chocolate frosting for mortar. In the end, it was team Szcykalski that won the second round with his dish based on Pokemon Stadium (featuring a battle between a Gummi Bear Pikachu and a Gummi Worm Diglet)!

Congratulations is due to all of our chefs that attended the Iron Chef Competition! The edible artwork was greatly admired by all, until it was consumed by the creators themselves!