Impress your friends and family with your fluency and command over a new language! Use our access to Rocket Languages: an online learning system teaching practical conversation skills for a variety of popular languages. You can parlez vous Francais or you can impresione a su profesor. Choose from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, American Sign Language and Spanish.

If you are a new US resident learning your way around your new English-speaking settings, Rocket Languages provides an English-as-Second Language module to help you improve your learning skills!

These interactive lessons are easy to follow, they are designed to increase your ability to use the language skills you develop. Real-life situations and practical conversations with native speakers teach actual communication skills you can use. These courses are built to allow you to learn a language on your own terms and in your own time!

Rocket Languages offers you comprehensive multi-media packages that allow you to speak and improve your language skills with every lesson by taking part in modern, everyday conversations that make up Rocket's Interactive Audio Courses. In addition, you will learn to speak the language naturally through language and culture lessons that help to build vocabulary and improve your audio recognition of common words and phrases while having fun at the same time on the site's popular MegaGames range!