How to Find a BookFinding a great book to read can be as easy as scanning a bestsellers list. However, if you would like to go a step beyond and unearth a hidden treasure we have the tools to help you find one (or two or more)! When you'd like to make your own discoveries and get beyond what is popular, there are resources available to help you dig a little deeper.

Try these  recommendations:

Book Newsletter

Staff at the library create over a dozen newsletters by reading interest or genre which you can subscribe to. Sign up for one and discover new titles as we add them to our collection. Each month we will send you a newsletter featuring a few new titles. Whether you like science fiction and cooking or you read books available in large print text, we have an assortment of lists to match many interests.


This library product enables you to look for books and go a step beyond. Novelist has tools that can help you create a list of books in a series, find author, title and series-read-alikes or narrow a large genre of books by storyline, tone, pace and writing style.

Bestsellers Lists

Bestsellers lists are a great starting point for finding the latest and greatest titles. After all books that sell a lot are popular for a reason. Among media sources, the New York Times has the best known bestsellers list which encompasses a wide range of sources including independent book retailers, supermarkets, department stores and much more.  Booksellers such as and Barnes and Noble also provide very comparable ones. You can also check Publishers Weekly and Indie Bestsellers which reports weekly from independent booksellers across the US.

Recommended Sites

Online destinations such as January Magazine, The Millions, and the Books section of well-know publications such as the New York Times and USA Today offer book reviews and more comprehensive coverage of new books and trends.