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Check out one of our workout DVDs to stay active indoors before spring arrives. It's a good solution for beating winter boredom (added bonus: it will warm you up too!). We've got DVDs for all levels of physical activity, from intense cardio workouts to gentle stretching.

Most of these exercises require little more than an exercise mat.


Yoga DVDs-Yoga can improve flexibility with challenging poses. We have a range of yoga DVDs for all levels and ages.

Yoga burn
Yee, Rodney
DVD 613.7046 Yog

Yoga for weight loss
Deason, Suzanne
DVD 613.7046 Yog

Yoga for beginners
Brower, Elena
DVD 613.7046 Yog

Chair aerobics for everyone. Chair yoga
Garrell, Heather
DVD 613.71 Cha

Yoga for grandparents
Frishberg, Harry
DVD 613.7046 Yog

A.M. yoga : for your week
Yee, Rodney
DVD 613.7046 A.M.

Yoga for families
Diego, Gerardo
DVD 613.7046 Yog



Pilates DVDs-Pilates increases flexibility and improves posture, while toning your core muscle groups.

Simply Pilates
Pohlman, Jennifer
613.71 Poh

Basic Pilates
Harris, Alan
DVD 613.71 Bas

Mari Winsor's cardio pilates
Winsor, Mari
DVD 613.7192 Mar

Pilate for life. Pilates for 50+
Brown, Amy
DVD 613.71 Pil

10 minute solution. Pilates perfect body
Bowen, Suzanne
DVD 613.71 Ten



Dance DVDs-You'll be having so much fun that you won't even realize how hard you're working!

The Tracy Anderson method presents dance cardio workout DVD
Anderson, Tracy
DVD 613.715 Tra

Bellydance fitness for beginners [basic moves & fat burning]
Bidasha, Veena
DVD 613.71 Bel

Bollywood dance blast
DVD 613.712 Bol

Zumba fitness. Exhilarate. Discs 1 & 2
Perez, Alberto
DVD 613.715 Zum

Dance off the inches. Country line dance
Ambandos, Andrea
DVD 613.715 Dan

D's hip-hop aerobics. Volume 1
Shami, Bob
DVD 613.715 D's

Crunch. Latin rhythms : fat blasting dance
Ambandos, Andrea
DVD 613.715 Cru



Cardio DVDs-Get your heart rate up with these workouts!

Cardio for beginners
Kolber, Petra
DVD 613.71 Car

Debra Mazda shapelygirl fitness. Let's get moving! Low-impact cardio
Mazda, Debra
DVD 613.71 Deb

Criss-cross cardio : new interval kickbox workout
Twombly, Greg
DVD 613.71 Cri

Tom Holland's total body workout
Holland, Tom
DVD 613.71 Tom

Bob Harper inside out method : pure burn, super strength
Harper, Bob
DVD 613.712 Bob

Jillian Michaels DVDs- With few exceptions, Jillian Michaels DVDs include words like "extreme," "shred," "ripped," and "inferno." If you're looking for a low-impact workout, these probably aren't for you. In this DVD, each workout uses the 3-2-1 Interval System which combines strength, cardio and abdominal exercises. Hand weights and mat are necessary if exercising on a hard surface.

Jillian Michaels 30 day shred
Michaels, Jillian
DVD 613.712 Jil