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Speaking at a recent  Burlington County Chamber of Commerce event , Gary Finger, Ombudsman, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU), told a large audience of business leaders about money incentives for implementing clean energy via programs tailored to different needs:

  • Direct Install offers a streamlined process to energy efficiency for owners of small to mid-sized buildings with a monthly peak demand of 150 kW or less. Replace your old equipment or lighting system with energy-efficient technology and Direct Install pays 70% of the total project cost. It all begins with a FREE energy assessment.
  • Pay for Performance is a comprehensive energy efficiency program that provides incentives towards whole-building energy improvements for buildings with monthly peak demand above 100 kW.
  • NJ SmartStart Buildings:  Whether you’re starting a commercial or industrial project from the ground up, renovating existing space, or upgrading equipment, you have unique opportunities to upgrade the energy efficiency of the project.  SmartStart buildings provides a range of support — at no cost to you — to yield substantial energy savings.
    BPU’s FREE benchmarking service evaluates the energy use performanceof eligible buildings by comparing data from similar facilities.  Make sure your facility is competitive. 

Visit NJ’s Clean Energy Program to learn more.