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Ric Costow, Senior Stakeholder Liaison (Small Business/Self-employed Division), Internal Revenue Service, has given the library a supply of CD ROMs containing a 9-lesson workshop on small business taxes.   Topics covered include:

- How to set up and run your business so paying taxes isn't a hassle

- How to file and pay using a computer

- What a home-based business needs to know

- Setting up a retirement plan for yourself and your employees

- What you need to know when hiring employees and independent contractors

- Managing payroll

- What you need to know about Federal Unemployment Taxes

- and more.

You can obtain a CD at the Reference Desk at the County Library Headquarters at 5 Pioneer Blvd. in Westampton.  Please inquire there or contact me ( for more information. 

Ric Costow's contact information is:; 856-414-6721



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