How to Find Movie Reviews

If you are selective about which movies to watch, using lists of top recommendations is one place to start. For example, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has its top 250 movies as voted by their users. Seeing why these movies make it to these lists requires a little deeper research. Our recommendations will help you find reviews for new and classic movies along with places to get suggestions.

Library Resources

EBSCO Databases: Search across a variety of publications, such as Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and Film Comment for published commentary and reviews. Include in your search query the name of the film or movie along with the word "reviews," or you may search the name of the movie in advanced search and limit by "Document Type" to "Entertainment Review."


MRQE: The Movie Query Review Engine is an index of reviews published on the internet which include recent movies in theaters, DVD releases, and film classics. The site compiles a variety of critical opinion and presents an average of these reviews.

IMDB: The Internet Movie Database is the definitive site for movies and the entertainment industry. Along with detailed information about each film, the IMDB is a great place for user reviews. The parental advisory section is particularly helpful for parents trying to screen the most appropriate movies for their children.

Box Office Mojo: This online resource is the most comprehensive box office database on the internet

The Experts

  • Critics Picks at the New York Times
  • Rex Reed and staff at the New York Observer
  • NPR offers a daily look into the world of film
  • The staff at keeps up the work of the famous film critic
  • Cinemablend offers reviews and articles on movies, television and more
  • ScreenRant features editorials, reviews and theories on upcoming films


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