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Monday, December 5, 2016
Today marks the 115th birthday of Walt Disney, who began entertaining generations through animation in the early 1920s. He created one of the most enduring characters in all of popular culture, Mickey Mouse, in 1928. And after his animated short Flowers and Trees was awarded the first Oscar ever...
Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Clear your calendars for the NEA Big Read at BCLS, a celebration of Dashiell Hammett’s thrilling detective tale The Maltese Falcon. During this time, we're also celebrating the 1941 film starring Humphrey Bogart. Directed by John Huston, this classic translation of the book is considered one of the...
Friday, September 16, 2016
September 17 marks the third annual Batman Day, which began in 2014 as a celebration of the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary and continues as a celebration of one of the world’s most popular superheroes.  Batman, also known as billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, was first introduced in Detective Comics...
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
The first theatrical work in seven years from idiosyncratic screenwriter/director Charlie Kaufman is garnering well-deserved critical acclaim, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature Film. Anomalisa is a film unlike anything you’ve seen before. Reviewers have used words like...

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