Journal Writing: Left-Handers Day

Adult, Seniors

Bring your journal and ideas.  Get ready to write about your experiences as a Southpaw.

Thu, Aug. 17 (2:00pm)

Gentle Yoga

Adult, Seniors

Join Leslie for a practice linking the movement of the breath with the gentle flow of poses and ending with a soothing yoga rest.  De-stress while you stretch, strengthen, and breathe.

Thu, Aug. 17 (6:00pm)

Action Karate (Ages 3 - 6)


Breakout your black belts as the Maple Shade library welcomes Action Karate!

Fri, Aug. 18 (10:30am)

Action Karate (Ages 7 - 12)


Breakout your black belts as the Maple Shade library welcomes Action Karate!

Fri, Aug. 18 (11:15am)

Techgirlz: Podcasting

Kids, Teen, Homeschooler

Following along a Techgirlz syllabus with Miss Megan and create your very own podcast! This will be a girls only event and will last 2 to 3 hours.

Fri, Aug. 18 (2:00pm)

Reading with Rover

Kids, Teen, Family

Join us as we welcome South Jersey Loving Paws to the Maple Shade Library! This is an opportunity for your child to practice reading while in the comforting presence of a loving therapy dog.

Mon, Aug. 21 (6:00pm)

Art Club: Bullet Journaling


Prep for the new school year by learning the techniques behind bullet journaling!

Wed, Aug. 23 (2:00pm)

Coloring and Conversation

Adult, Seniors

Bring your pencils and crayons and we will supply the coloring sheets.  Relax, talk and color to you heart's content.

Thu, Aug. 24 (2:00pm)

Articles for the Articulate: National Dog Day

Adult, Seniors

National Dog Day is celebrated on August 26th.  Bring your articles, original or from a magazine, about our furry friends.

Thu, Aug. 24 (6:00pm)

Art Show Storytime

Kids, Family, Homeschooler

Please join us for a Storytime followed by an art show filled with your art! After the stories are read, guests will create art based on an aspect of the books we read.  For example, if we read Dragons Love Tacos, draw a scary dragon!

Fri, Aug. 25 (2:00pm)

Is Anyone Listening? Why People May Not Hear You When You Talk About Climate Change

Adult, Seniors

Worried about climate change and wonder why others are not listening to scientists?

Sat, Aug. 26 (11:00am)

Fruit and Vegetable Painting

Kids, Teen, Family, Homeschooler

Create a piece of art out of fruits, vegetables, and paint! Make a pattern or be a little more Jackson Pollock - its up to you!

Mon, Aug. 28 (2:00pm)

Homework Without Tears

Adult, Homeschooler

This program offers simple and effective techniques to help with homework struggles.

Come  learn motivational techniques that can be used successfully and immediately to make homework a breeze.


Tue, Aug. 29 (6:30pm)

Chess Club

Kids, Teen, Homeschooler

Learn and play Chess in our 6 week Chess Club series!

1st through 6th graders are invited to the library for some indoor fun.

All skill levels welcome, including beginners!

No registration required.


Tues, 09/05/2017 - 4 pm

Tue, Sep. 5 (4:00pm)

Leaf People Craft

Kids, Family

Prepare for the first day of fall on September 22nd by making a cute, funny, or even scary person out of leaves, twigs, and more!

Wed, Sep. 6 (4:00pm)