Adult Yarn Social

Adult, Seniors

Do you knit and/or crochet? Then come join other knitting and crochet fans for an hour (or more, if you like) of relaxed, social yarn time. Share your current project, ask for pointers, swap patterns, or just enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts!

Wed, Dec. 27 (10:30am)

Eyes of the Wild

Kids, Teen, Family

When abandoned animals need new homes Mother Nature counts on Eyes of the Wild to be there. Let us share them with you.The Wallaby Tales Traveling Zoo brings amazing, comical, and

Wed, Dec. 27 (2:00pm)

Detective Science with Mad Science


Students will become science sleuths as they investigate how chemistry provides evidence at the scene of the crime. During this hands-on detective work, children will gather and test 'crime scene' clues, make and analyze their own fingerprints, decipher codes and encrypt messages.

Thu, Dec. 28 (4:00pm)