Chair Yoga

Adult, Seniors

Chair yoga is a wonderful way to move your body and increase your flexibility using a chair for support. An introduction to yoga poses and breathing will be explored in a way that's accessible to everyone.

Wed, Jun. 13 (1:00pm)

"Wild West: The Mystery of the Golden Piano" with Science Tellers

Kids, Family, Homeschooler

Grab your spurs and journey with us to the Wild West, where a legendary bank-robbing outlaw is back in town, about to strike again!

Wed, Jun. 27 (7:00pm)

Teen Paint Night with Pinot's Palette

Teen, Homeschooler

Teens start your summer vacation off with a relaxing one hour painting opportunity with Pinot's Palette. Art, music and creativity will be served. End result, a work of art! Best for ages 13-18 years.

Space is limited Registration begins two weeks prior

Thu, Jun. 28 (7:00pm)

Dance Teens!


Teens! Get your dance on and learn some new moves with this one hour dance workshop.


Best for teens 13-18 years. Registration begins two weeks prior

Wed, Jul. 11 (6:00pm)

The Lizard Guys

Kids, Family

Join us for this exciting program as one of The Lizard Guys introduces us to a variety of animals. One by one, they will hold each animal and explain where it comes from, its normal diet, and life expectancy while answering any other questions thrown their way.

Wed, Jul. 25 (6:30pm)

"Libraries Rock" Concert

Kids, Family

There is not another kids' and family music concert show like it ... again, there is no other show like it! There's music, interactive comedy skits, special effects! Original Ron Albanese -  POLKA DOT! songs are performed, as well as kooky covers of surf and classic rock, and more.

Mon, Jul. 30 (6:30pm)

Joe Holiday-Magic Show

Kids, Family

Celebrate Summer Reading 2018 with international and award winning magician, Joe Holiday, as he presents the Reading Rocks Magic Show.

Thu, Aug. 9 (6:30pm)