Recycled Art Class: Snowflakes


Holly Doyle is an artist who specializes in creating and teaching art, using recycled objects.  She has been a collector of this art for many years.  Things that others usually discard are recreated into useful or decorative items.  She especially enjoys using unusual or unique objects such as ol

Thu, Jan. 14 (6:00pm)

Bookbuzzers Chew and Chat Club


Spend a relaxing afternoon discussing your favorite books, while you snack on light refreshments.

Please bring the book you would like to discuss.

Wed, Jan. 20 (2:00pm)

Buying a Computer


Are you in the market for a new computer?  Have you decided whether you would like to purchase a desktop or laptop?  What features and software package would you like your computer to have?

April Streeter will give you tips for purchasing the computer that fits your needs and budget.

Thu, Jan. 21 (6:00pm)

Social Laptop Class: Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Learning how to maintain your computer will not only save you costly repairs.  It also will make you feel like a computer whiz. 

Thu, Jan. 28 (6:00pm)