Kids, Family

Go beyond the movie image of Thor as we introduce young readers to the facts and myths about Norse culture and Viking tradition. Kids will get a hands-on opportunity to explore objects from everyday Viking life and discover what made the Vikings heroic explorers.

Wed, Jul. 1 (2:00pm)

Needle-work Classes


Needle-work Classes

Held the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesday of every month (unless otherwise listed)

Wed, Jul. 1 (6:00pm)

Genealogy Huddle


Would you like help and to learn how to research  your family’s lineage?  If so, meet with members of the Burlington County Genealogy Club for conversation, brainstorming, resource instruction, and support on family history research.

Wed, Jul. 1 (7:00pm)

52nd Street Band

Adult, Teen, Kids, Family, Music

Burlington County fan favorite Danny V's 52nd Street Band is the longest running tribute to Billy Joel, featuring a full-scale, 6-piece, live concert show re-creating the performances of the "Piano Man"... Billy Joel.

Fri, Jul. 3 (7:00pm)

Separate Ways The Band

Adult, Teen, Kids, Family, Music

Separate Ways The Band, the Ultimate Journey Tribute Show on the East Coast, truly defies description. This is the closest you'll get to see the early-mid 80's line-up of Journey live, ever.

Sat, Jul. 4 (7:00pm)


Adult, Kids, Family

You’re caring for your special needs child…Who is caring for you?

Wed, Jul. 8 (11:00am)

Needle-work Classes


Needle-work Classes

Held the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesday of every month (unless otherwise listed)

Wed, Jul. 8 (6:00pm)

Super Hero Character Design Art Class

Teen, Kids, Family

Every Hero Has A Story- Test your comic book drawing skills, join local Comic Book Artist, Animation Director, & Storyboard Artist , Dave Bullock, as he discusses & demonstrates how comic books & cartoons are made. 

Thu, Jul. 9 (2:00pm)


Kids, Family, Music

Mr. Scott ‘The Music Man’ delivers a uniquely creative and energetic, interactive concert experience for children and their families. Mr. Scott The Music Man is a high energy, very wacky, warm hearted music and movement composer/performer/educator.  Wear your Tie Dye!

Fri, Jul. 10 (1:00pm)

Real Diamond

Adult, Teen, Kids, Family, Music

Real Diamond is a band dedicated to the faithful re-creation of the spirit, sound and look of Neil Diamond.

Fri, Jul. 10 (7:00pm)

Weird Science

Adult, Teen, Kids, Family, Music

Weird Science is a professional, energetic, and entertaining group that recreates the sounds, sights, and feeling of that amazing decade of pop culture!

Sat, Jul. 11 (7:00pm)

Mad Science Presents: Marvels in Motion

Kids, Family

Did you think jet packs were something of the future? Think again! Watch as we propel several member of the audience across the floor using our own, very special Mad Science rocket car!

Tue, Jul. 14 (2:00pm)

From Greek to Geek: Heroes & Heroines through the Ages

Kids, Family

Our favorite storyteller, Ladyhawke aka Laura Kaighn is back with multi-cultural tales, props, pictures, puppets and more! From doctors to firefighters, teachers, scientists, astronauts and more; heroes never go out of style.

Wed, Jul. 15 (2:00pm)

The Sensational Soul Cruisers

Adult, Teen, Kids, Family, Music

The Sensational Soul Cruisers is an 11-man horn group fronted by four soulful vocalists who pay homage and tribute to classic performers from Otis Redding and the Drifters to Barry White and the Commodores.

Fri, Jul. 17 (7:00pm)

Bob Lougheed and the Memphis Mafia

Adult, Teen, Kids, Family, Music

Bob Lougheed, a six-time award winning Elvis Tribute Artist has toured extensively both nationally and internationally

Sat, Jul. 18 (7:00pm)


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