Coloring Club Bookmark Craft

Kids, Teen, Family, Homeschooler

Join us for an afternoon of relaxation and creativity!

Today we will make some cool bookmarks for

all those books you plan to read this summer.

Teens and Tweens are invited. Best suited for ages 7 and up. Families welcome!

Fri, Jul. 14 (2:00pm)

Eco-Friendly Dreamcatcher Craft

Kids, Teen, Family, Homeschooler

On this afternoon we will make a yet another eco-friendly cd craft!

This time we will have fun weaving with yarn, beads and feathers.

Teens and tweens are invited. Families welcome.

Tue, Jul. 18 (2:00pm)

Bookbuzzers Chew and Chat Club

Adult, Seniors

Enjoy an afternoon discussing a favorite book you have read.

Wed, Jul. 19 (2:00pm)

Lego Club

Kids, Homeschooler

Please join us for Lego Club!  Choose a challenge or see where your imagination takes you as you build.

Wed, Jul. 19 (4:00pm)

Coloring for Grown-Ups

Adult, Seniors

Escape the summer heat, and join the group for an afternoon coloring session.  Please bring your crayons and pencils and we will supply the coloring sheets.

Thu, Jul. 20 (2:00pm)

Storytime Fun

Kids, Family, Homeschooler

Join us for some interactive, educational fun using books, songs, music and more!

Open to babies, toddlers and preschoolers!

Grandparents, siblings and families are welcome. 

Fri, Jul. 21 (10:30am)

Sciencetellers: Tall Ships & Pirate Tales

Kids, Family

Ahoy! People don’t just build on land. They build on water, too! Set sail with us on a thrilling action-packed adventure about a crew of quirky pirates marooned on a desert island. With mutiny and high-tide looming, they must rescue their salty captain and find a way to construct a ship before all hope is lost … at sea! Planks, sails, rigging, rails... what else could building a pirate ship possibly take?!

Mon, Jul. 24 (3:30pm)

Chess Club

Kids, Teen, Homeschooler

Learn and play Chess in our 6 week Chess Club series!

1st through 6th graders are invited to the library for some indoor fun.

All skill levels welcome, including beginners!

No registration required.


Tues, 07/11/2017 - 4 pm

Tue, Jul. 25 (4:00pm)

Art Club: Astrology Pendants


Learn about your main zodiac sign, discover your moon and rising sun signs, and create a beautiful pendant with your zodiac's constellation at this edition of Art Club!

Wed, Jul. 26 (2:00pm)

Art Show Storytime

Kids, Family, Homeschooler

Please join us for a Storytime followed by an art show filled with your art! After the stories are read, guests will create art based on an aspect of the books we read.  For example, if we read Dragons Love Tacos, draw a scary dragon!

Thu, Jul. 27 (2:00pm)

Articles for the Articulate: National Parks and Recreation Month

Adult, Seniors

In honor of National Parks and Recreation Month, bring articles, pictures and even your itinerary,  about a favorite national park you have visited. Get ready to share your experience with the group.

Thu, Jul. 27 (3:00pm)

What's in a computer?

Kids, Teen, Homeschooler

Learn about the different parts of a computer by destroying it! Methodically that is! You’ll also follow along a Techgirlz syllabus with Miss Megan.  Though Techgirlz creates program with just girls in mind, this will be a co-ed event.

Fri, Jul. 28 (2:00pm)

Build a Castle/Fort Craft

Kids, Family, Homeschooler

Join us for an afternoon of "building" fun as we celebrate summer reading and make our own princess castle/fort using shoe boxes, TP rolls and paper. All supplies provided.

Tue, Aug. 1 (2:00pm)

Art Club: Watercolor Calendars


Make a watercolor calendar inspired by the blog Unruly Things! The perfect way to reboot after a great summer.

Wed, Aug. 2 (2:00pm)

Recipe Swap: August Omlettes

Adult, Seniors

Bring your recipes for your favorite omlettes to share with others.  Recipes may be original or from a cookbook.

Thu, Aug. 3 (2:00pm)