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If your high school has a required summer reading be sure to take care of the assignment now before the summer gets away from you! Check our online catalog to see if we have an available copy of your book. You can also peruse our ebook catalog which may have multiple downloads of your required read.

And since you have all summer to continue reading—books of YOUR choice—allow us to recommend a few great novels.

Get started with our recommended lists based on your interest. You can get in the game with these selections dealing with the world of sports. If you prefer you can travel back in time and relive history through the eyes of the teens that experienced it. Do you like to delve into dystopian drama? Or romantic drama? If we don’t have a book available at your favorite library, remember to place a hold with your choice of pickup location.

Once you’ve checked our lists, there are still more options for discovering new reads.

The teen book lists page at Goodreads has hundreds of genre and interest-based recommendations.

You may have already read some of the titles on NPR’s Top 100 Teen Books but in case you haven’t these are titles selected by more 75,000 voters.
With that many people voting, the recommendations must be good!

If you prefer the higher art of literary novels you should check out these 25 classic novels for teenagers.