We are kicking off our Tell Us Your Story contest with more ways to participate and even more helpful programs for those who want to learn how to combine the elements and create a story of their own! If you've got a story to tell, we want to hear it! Attend one of our helpful programs to learn more about the different ways to tell a story or share the stories you're already telling with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Explore this page for more info on the different ways to enter and all the opportunities to explore during the 2014 Summer Reading Program!

How to Participate

Kids and Teens in grades 6-12 are invited to create a story and share it with us! Participants are asked to tell a story using the elements around them. These elements can be a paper and pencil, an app on your phone, a video camera, a computer program...combine the elements around you into a tale that will share your creative ideas with others. Once you have your story, share it with us via our website or social media!
At the end of the contest, all participants (and their families) will be invited to a screening of the entries in the County Library Auditorium where prizes will be awarded to those who created the best story!

Need Help?

If you need help, let us know by asking a question or attending one of our programs running throughout the summer. Listed below are some additional resources that might come in handy if your looking for help deciding how to tell your story or where to get some content to get started with.

Programs to use:

Format Converter:

Where to get free stuff:

Tell Us Your Story!

Combine the Elements

Take the daily moments of your life and create a story
that shares your creative thoughts and opinions with the world.

Do you take a picture every day for Instagram? Perhaps you have a favorite video on YouTube? Do you and your friends have a favorite meme? All of these are elements of your daily story. Take what you already share with the world and combine it with some
creative flair to tell a story uniquely your own!

Fizz Bang Fiction

Take that fantastic tale that's stuck in your head and let it out.

Whether your characters are shooting through the stars or battling the dramas of high school, your creative vision is just the start of an incredible work of fiction. Tell the tale you have always wanted to tell and create it in a slideshow that looks like a graphic novel or a series of pictures posted to your Instagram account. Perhaps your presentation works best as poetry? Slam that down and submit it today! Fiction is fantastic and it's up to you to bring your vision to life with some creative storytelling!

Get Experimental

Maybe you're not sure how to let out that story in your head?
Would it work best as a song or a GIF? Who knows?

Some of the world's greatest discoveries were just experiments to see what would happen. What will happen when you attempt to tell us your story...let's find out! The world may be waiting to hear what only exists in your mind, so experiment with ways of making that idea a reality and start your own path of discovery today!

Upcoming Programs

Tai Chi
Mahjong Tournament Fri, Oct. 28 (1:00pm)
Film Noir Screenings - Sunset Boulevard Fri, Oct. 28 (6:30pm)
80's Movie Night (Beetlejuice) Fri, Oct. 28 (8:00pm)
Film Noir Screenings - The Maltese Falcon Sat, Oct. 29 (10:30am)
Scrapbooking Sun, Oct. 30 (1:00pm)
Book Sale Sun, Oct. 30 (1:00pm)
The Maltese Falcon Book Discussion Mon, Oct. 31 (2:00pm)
The Open Book Club Mon, Oct. 31 (2:00pm to 3:00pm)
Social Knitting Tue, Nov. 1 (10:30am)
Drop-In Coloring for Adults Tue, Nov. 1 (1:00pm)
Home Buying or Refinancing Tue, Nov. 1 (6:00pm)
Retirement Series: Understanding IRAs Tue, Nov. 1 (6:30pm)
Knit-Wits Wed, Nov. 2 (10:00am to 12:00pm)
MS Support group Wed, Nov. 2 (10:15am)
Introduction to Microsoft Office: PowerPoint Wed, Nov. 2 (10:30am)
Iphone and Ipad Workshop Wed, Nov. 2 (6:00pm to 7:30pm)
Native Alternatives to Common Landscaping Plants Wed, Nov. 2 (7:00pm)
Needlework Meet-Up Thu, Nov. 3 (1:00pm)
Year-End Tax Tips Thu, Nov. 3 (3:00pm)
Social Security Seminar Thu, Nov. 3 (6:00pm)