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Each week, we feature trivia questions on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, but where do the questions come from? With over 1,000,000 items in the library system, there's more than enough to create trivia straight from the shelves of our very own collection! This week, we take you behind-the-scenes of Trivia Tuesday and give you the resources to customize your own trivia questions. Whether you want to page through a book by yourself, compile some questions for the next meeting of your book/movie club, or are just looking for a good quiz the whole family can enjoy...these great resources are the perfect place to start!


Quiz Whiz 2 : 1,000 Super Fun Mind-Bending Totally Awesome Trivia Questions.

The ultimate brain-busting book about everything from giant gorillas to high-tech dragons, ancient knights to pop culture stars, weird science to math madness. This edition is the #1 stop for inspiration in our weekly trivia. Featuring full-color photos and questions appropriate for any age!


Super Pop: Pop Culture Top Ten Lists to Help You Win at Trivia, Survive in the Wild, and Make it Through the Holidays

Super-Pop offers a maximum-pleasure, minimum-effort way to become smarter, happier, and more likely to survive your next family function (or a shark attack). This hilarious and wide-ranging guide sorts nearly 500 different bestsellers, blockbusters, and under appreciated gems into quirky top ten lists, like “Outwit Death: Essential Lessons in Survival,” and “Achieve Mindfulness: Movies That Will Show You the Way (With Wise Elders Now Included).”  So whether you’re looking for some motivational workout music, need help planning a July 4th double feature, or just want to pick up some knowledge without straining your brain, this book has you covered.


Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellant?

Outrageous, fascinating and bizarre facts from every corner of the comic book universe What comic book artist was the recipient of an on-stage thank you from Paul McCartney and an on-air apology from Johnny Carson? What superhero got his powers by being bitten by a mongoose? What popular NPR host was forever immortalized as a "bad boyfriend" in a notable comic book? In Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent, author Brian Cronin will answer those questions and more by revealing the most obscure, wacky and surprising facts about comics-from the characters and creators, to the TV shows, movies and merch.


Turner Classic Movies: Classic Movie Trivia

This is the definitive movie trivia book, from the authority on classic film. Rediscover your favorite films and put your movie knowledge to the test with more than 4,000 questions that draw on a century of landmark cinema. Questions range from early Hollywood to the 1960s and beyond, including key genres, stars, directors, behind-the-scenes facts, famous quotes, and more all highlighted by spotlight trivia features and hundreds of images and film stills. A foreword by TCM host Robert Osborne and a challenging Experts Only section round out this ultimate volume for classic film aficionados.


Ask Me Everything: Facts, Stats, Lists, Records, & More

Chock full of lists and quips, stats and quotes, Ask Me Everything will keep readers of all ages asking questions for hours. No topic is left unquestioned; no question is left unanswered. In this follow-up to Ask Me Anything thousands of facts, incredible photographs, hilarious information, and hours of family fun are packed into this vibrant book.