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A five-part series built to assist businesses in identifying, winning and managing government contracts. There is a $15 charge for each attendee per event.

Join us every Monday from 9am - Noon.

Market Research | April 16
This can be a real game changer for small businesses seeking to win more contracts. Without market research, many business professionals enter the federal marketplace blindfolded. You will learn to easily conduct market research on the federal marketplace using powerful free tools provided by the Government.

Proposals That Win | April 23
Senior executives and certified contract specialists from JMR Program Management will explain how to decipher the elements of a government solicitation, and generate a responsive and compliant proposal.

Branding & Marketing | April 30
The right branding can improve your chances of success when bidding for a government contract. Learn the basics of strategic branding and marketing. Learn to strengthen the way you communicate what your business offers and stands for.  Get familiar with marketing tactics that will set you up for success.

Risk Management & Compliance | May 7
Why risk management? Because it is better to be prepared than surprised. Effective risk management is critical to today's contractors and subcontractors.