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BCLS has taken notice to the fact that Westampton Middle School has a “Get Green” club. Students that participated in this club may wish to continue learning about nature, and all things green, once the club concludes in March. Since the club centers on nature related activities, BCLS has compiled a list of valuable resources pertaining to the topic.

Science teachers, these are great resources to incorporate into the classroom as well!


Going Green: Your Healthy Planet

This is an excellent resource for finding information on people, places and animals. It also contains other great information about our planet!

To find nature related information, select the Environment option under the heading Subject. If you want to find information on a specific environmental topic, use the search box titled Search within Environment. This will help narrow your search.

Facts on File: Science Online

This database presents a broad range of scientific disciplines through extensive definitions, essays, diagrams, biographies, and experiments.

There are several subject links that will help you locate information pertaining to earth, nature, weather and the environment. The recommended pages are biology, earth science, environmental science, marine science and weather and climate. Links to these pages can be found on the main page of the database.


Bill Nye the Science Guy Series by Disney Educational Productions

Exciting, educational and entertaining, this scientific series provides a great deal of information on nature. Suggested DVD’s include:

Bill Nye the Science Guy. Amphibians.
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Biodiversity.
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Birds.
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Flowers.
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Mammals.
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Ocean Life.
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Pollution Solutions.
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Reptiles.
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Rocks and Soil.
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Spiders.
Bill Nye the Science Guy. Wetlands.

Disney Nature Series by Disney Educational Productions

Disney Nature: Migration

This DVD follows a variety of insects, animals and birds on their migratory journey.

Disney Nature: Predator and Prey

This DVD examines the battle between predator and prey in their natural habitats.

Earth by Disney Nature

This marvelous DVD follows three different animal families across the earth; polar bears, whales and elephants. 

To search for more DVD's by title or subject, visit the Catalog.

As always, students and teachers alike are encouraged to visit their local BCLS branch to find other nature related resources!