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If you’re ready for a comic book reading experience like no other, then mark your calendars & get set!  Comic book fans and those who are new to the genre (ages 10-17) are welcome to join us for a great new program, The Saga of Usagi Yojimbo, taking place on Sundays, September 16 & 30 and October 14 & 28 at 2:30pm.

Join Mr. Rick for the serialized reading of Stan Sakai’s critically acclaimed, anthropomorphic samurai tale, Usagi Yojimbo. The setting is 17th century Japan. Our protagonist is a masterless, samurai rabbit. An age of civil wars has barely ended and the Shogun has established power. The samurai is the ruling class throughout the land, following a warrior’s code of honor known as Bushido.

One of the great comic classics of the last three decades, Usagi Yojimbo was bestowed with a Parent’s Choice Award in 1990 for its educational value through Sakai’s skillful weaving of facts and legends into his work.

Please register for each session online, over the phone or in person and join us on this perilous journey.