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Are you a fan of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel? It's a full week of programming dedicated to those fearsome yet misunderstood creatures of the sea. Now you can have your own Shark Week at home with these DVDs!

Shark Week : Restless Fury
Discovery Channel
DVD 597.31 Sha

Shark Week: Fins of Fury
Discovery Channel
Blu-Ray 597.31 Sha

Shark week : the Great Bites Collection
Stroud, Les
DVD 597.31 Sha

Journey to Shark Eden
National Geographic
DVD 591.77 Jou

DVD 791.43 Sha

Great White Odyssey
National Geographic
DVD 597.33 Gre

Jean-Michel Cousteau ocean adventures : Sharks at risk & Gray whale obstacle course
PBS Home Video
DVD 597.3 Jea

Shark Week: Ocean of Fear
DVD 597.31 Sha


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