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Are you a fan of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel? It's a full week of programming dedicated to those fearsome yet misunderstood creatures of the sea. If you missed it on TV, you can have your own Shark Week at home with these DVDs!

Shark Week : Restless Fury
Discovery Channel
DVD 597.31 Sha

Shark Week: Fins of Fury
Discovery Channel
Blu-Ray 597.31 Sha

Shark week : the Great Bites Collection
Stroud, Les
DVD 597.31 Sha

Journey to Shark Eden
National Geographic
DVD 591.77 Jou

DVD 791.43 Sha

Great White Odyssey
National Geographic
DVD 597.33 Gre

Jean-Michel Cousteau ocean adventures : Sharks at risk & Gray whale obstacle course
PBS Home Video
DVD 597.3 Jea

Shark Week: Ocean of Fear
DVD 597.31 Sha


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