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There is never a bad time to start playing chess or to get back into it again. The wheels of the world of chess are always spinning so there's always someone to play with, whether at a local chess club or online. However, now is a particularly exciting time in the world of chess. The current world champion, Magnus Carlsen, is a 23 year old Norwegian, and the game is as popular as ever. Check out one of the books below and join the fun!

Note: Some branches of the Library have chess programs, so check the Library's calendar to find out when. In addition, Mr. Tim (me) will soon be starting a regular chess program at the County Library in late September or early October, so keep an eye out for that.

Chess for Dummies

For all levels of chess players, Chess For Dummies brings readers an updated guide to the wide world of chess. Offering easily-understood explanations of the game and its components, this book is a must have for those developing an interest or looking for an extra edge in chess.



Play Winning Chess / Winning Chess Tactics

An introduction to the moves, strategies, and philosophy of chess, with clear explanations of the games fundamentals. / Learn sure-fire tactics and combinations from one of the world's top chess players. The essential guide to the use of tactics, the watchdogs of strategy that take advantage of short-term opportunities to trap or ambush an opponent and change the course of a game in a single move.

Logical Chess: Move by Move

Having learnt the basic moves, how exactly should a player improve? In this much loved classic, Irving Chernev explains 33 complete games in detail, telling the reader the reason for every single move. Playing through these games and explanations gives a real insight into the power of the pieces and how to post them most effectively.



Weapons of Chess: An Omnibus of Chess Strategy

Arranged alphabetically for easy use and based mainly on pawn formation, the incredibly detailed and thorough entries in this book talk a player through dozens of common strategic dilemmas, such as "doubled pawn," "bishops vs. knights," and "hanging pawn pair." Diagrams illustrate the terms, first showing the basic position and then strategically moving to more complicated versions of it. Players will learn how to formulate plans once they have reached a middlegame, enabling them to make wiser strategic decisions after the first few moves of the game.

My 60 Memorable Games

One of the most important chess books ever written, the great Bobby Fischer takes the reader move by move through 60 of his most instructive and entertaining games, including the astounding “Game of the Century,” played when he was only 15 years old! It gives true insight into one of the most gifted, troubled, and controversial minds of the 20th century.