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"When the Civil War erupted in 1861, it was a shock to many Americans. It was not a shock to the people of the Kansas-Missouri border. They had been at war since 1854, fighting for whether or not Kansas would be a free state or a slave state. Kansas entered the Union in January of 1861 as a free state at the same time that southern states were seceding from the Union.

Over the next four years, the border war would escalate until it became difficult to tell friend from foe and many had even forgotten the source of the disagreement. Battles, irregular warfare, the largest civilian massacre on a city and forced evacuations characterized this challenging period. The conflict would end, the Union would be restored and, amazingly, former enemies would become neighbors again."   - Ken Spurgeon, Executive Director


The Road to Valhalla is the third full length documentary released by Lone Chimney Films, Inc. and it tells the story of the challenge of the war in the west and the contributions made to restore the region and the nation.


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