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Securing Maximum Financial Aid for your College Bound Student

I.                    Why is college so expensive?

II.                Needs Analysis Formula

A.     Federal calculation of Need Based Aid

B.     What this means to you.

C.     How colleges use the EFC

D.     Institutional Method – Many Private Colleges

a.      Credit Medical Expense

b.      Credit Tuition on Private High Schools

c.       Credit Lack of Home Equity

III.             Sources of Aid

A.     College

B.     Federal Government

C.     State Government

IV.              Types of  Need Based Aid

A.     Grants

B.     Scholarships

C.     Work Study

D.     Subsidized & Unsubsidized Student Loans

V.                 Merit Aid

A.     SAT test

B.     ACT test

VI.              FAFSA

VII.           CSS Profile

VIII.        Other Financial Aid Forms

IX.              Other College Loans

A.     Parent Plus Loan

B.     New Jersey Class Loan

C.     Alternative Loans

X.                 How to Choose a College For Money

XI.              How to Negotiate for More Money.



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