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It's raining cats and dogs! Not really, but you can learn how to fold your own dollar bills into cats and dogs in this one hour session. You'll need to provide your own crisp dollar bills for folding. Here are the session rules:

Session rules
1 There are no rules.
We are here to have fun, teach and learn, not follow rules. These are just suggestions.

2 Challenge yourself.
This is your opportunity to stretch your abilities. There are so many new directions in origami today

3 Don't drag down the class.
If you realize you are in over your head and you are slowing down everyone else, perhaps you should stop and just observe the others for the remainder of that model, then ask someone to assist you later.

4  Help people around you.
If you "got it" and someone near you is stuck - jump in and help.

5 Feel free to just observe.
Interested in folding a model that is somewhat beyond your abilities today? Feel free to stand to the side and just observe - it is a great way to decide if this is something you want to try in the future.

Space is limited, so you will need to register for the class.


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