Fri, 12/15/2017 - 7:00pm


  • Auditorium
  • Burlington County Library

Join us for a seasonal musical performance featuring traditional Latin American rhythms.

Founded in 2000, Eco Del Sur was formed with the idea to preserve the heritage and culture of different Latin American regions. Performing a wide range of styles and rhythms including huayňo, sanjuanito, carnaval, chacarera, joropo, zamba, cueca which were influenced by Pre-Columbian and Spanish cultural heritages. Other rhythms, rich in African heritage and culture, such as cumbia, porros, guajira, lando and festejo are also included in the performance.

The group’s first album was released in 2001. The performers include Jorge Gomez, Jose Fernandez and Julio Verano from Colombia, Robert F. Hernandez and Marlon Lopez from Ecuador and Enrique Lombard from Paraguay. Each member has mastered several indigenous and contemporary instruments such as zampoñas, quenas, quenachos, antaras, zencas, rondador, ocarinas, moxenos, flute, charango, mandolin, guitar, Venezuelan cuatro, Colombian tiple, bass, congas, bombo, tambora, bongos, Peruvian cajon, maracas, guiro, claves, rain sticks, guaza, chakchas and many more.


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