Sun, 12/06/2015 - 1:00pm


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Matthew Dennion

Matthew Dennion is an author who works for Severed Press writing Kaiju (Giant Monster) Novels. His current novels include, Chimera: Scourge of the Gods,  Operation R.O.C.: A Kaiju Thriller, Atomic Rex: A Kaiju Thriller, and Polar Yeti! In addition to writing for Severed Press, He also recently launched his own digital only series with Barnes and Nobel Mascara Gigantesca: Kaiju Slayer .  Matthew also does volunteer writing for G-Fan Magazine, All Out Monster Revolt Magazine, and Black Coat Press writing short stories featuring pulp heroes and villains, giant monsters, classic literary heroes, and horror icons!

Matthew works as a teacher of students with autism at the Burlington County Special Services School and lives with his beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters in Riverside New Jersey!


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