Sun, 09/15/2013 - 1:00pm


  • County Library

Stop by to chat with local budding author Charlie Pratt to discuss and purchase autographed copies of his new book “Many Villages Raised Charlie Pratt”

Many Villages Raised Charlie Pratt takes us on a sentimental journey that spans eight decades. We learn in the Foreword that a child of color growing up on the “other side of the tracks” declared that he “was going to be somebody.” Indeed, that child became “somebody.” If you judge who somebody is by titles, then that little boy became a true champion with multiple National Track & Field titles, culminating with the 1957 National Decathlon.

This book introduces us to those others; the people, teams and institutions that touched Charlie Pratt, nurtured him, shaped him, encouraged him, and, yes, raised him – literally, figuratively, and spiritually. Charlie saw these special shareholders in his life’s endeavors through keenly observant eyes, but recalls them and speaks of them from a beholden heart.

Through Charlie’s grateful eyes, we come to appreciate and recognize the wise and caring elders who gave the deserving youth of the village of West Palmyra guidance and opportunity. They instilled values and work ethics that would help Charlie to make good on his promise “to be somebody.”

In the end, we are humbled by both Charlie Pratt’s achievements and his acknowledgement of those who helped make him “somebody.” In his only immodest moment, he declares that he is a wealthy man. Of course, he then proceeds to explain


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