Tue, 10/08/2013 - 7:00pm


  • Cinnaminson
Meeting Room

Do you feel really stuck in an unhappy, boring, or difficult situation?

You want to make some movement toward what your heart is yearning for. You’re smart, yet something’s not working and you haven’t figured it out. Not because you can’t.


You just need a little help.


You’re amazing person with tons of potential and opportunity all around you for love, success, health, and happiness. Believe it or not, you already possess what you need to build your ideal life including:

  • Focusing on You – without guilt
  • Landing THE job
  • Getting healthy and fit
  • Finding peace and balance
  • Enjoying your life
  • Creating a beautiful home
  • Managing a busy life


This workshop will introduce you to ways to help you discover how to develop clarity and greater awareness of what it is you really want (and hint, it’s usually not a “thing”), how to determine what’s blocking your way, and steps you can begin to take today to put you back on your path to happiness.


  • Adult

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Anne Greco, Life Coach
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