Sun, 01/26/2014 - 2:00pm


  • Evesham
Large activity room

Join former Drexel Professor Ramesh Kajaria to watch and discuss this 1997 drama. In Serbian & Bosnian w/English subtitles, rated R. Registration not required, but seating is limited.

In Michael Winterbottom's heartbreaking film about war-torn Bosnia, Stephen Dillane stars as English reporter Michael Henderson, one of many journalists dispatched to cover the mayhem in the Sarajevo. When Michael observes the countless children left orphaned by the war, he risks his life to help spirit an orphan named Emira (Emira Nusevic) out of the country -- even as he competes with an American journalist (Woody Harrelson) to get the story.


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Mr. Ramesh Kajaria