Fri, 04/11/2014 - 6:30pm


  • Riverton

Yogi the Easter Bear is an animated TV special from Hanna-Barbera .  It first aired on April 3, 1994 and was the last time Don Messick voiced both Boo Boo and Ranger Smith.  Messick died in 1997. 

This year’s Annual Easter Jamboree will be the most festive one ever at Jellystone Park – until bottomless-bellied Yogi Bear gets a whiff of the scrumptious stack of savoury Easter sweets! Furious, Ranger Smith vows to ship Yogi off to the Siberian Circus – and this time he means it!

With buddy Boo-Boo in tow, Yogi goes searching for the real Easter Bunny to save himself and the Jamboree. But the Bunny’s been kidnapped by two maniacal villains, Pauly and Ernest. Intent on creating an allplastic world – beginning with Easter eggs – they threaten to ruin Easter forever! It’s a high-fl ying race to the fi nish for Yogi to rescue the Easter Bunny and learn the secrets of Mildred the magical Easter Chicken. Can Yogi come through? Well, he is smarrr-ter than the averrrage bear!

Children will play a related game and eat a related Easter snack after the movie.



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