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A Cat in Paris is one of those rare family films that can be truly enjoyed--relished--by adults as well as children. The French film, dubbed in English by an incredible cast, is a gloriously sensual visual delight. The colors and graphics are sophisticated and captivating, only adding to the offbeat and engaging story. A Cat in Paris follows the adventures of a kitty, Dino, who lives two lives: one as the purring pet of la jeune fille Zoe, another as a nighttime sidekick to one of Paris's most renowned cat burglars. The story is alluringly unpredictable, if occasionally rather dark. But even more, A Cat in Paris (Une vie de chat) is like a colorful graphic novel brought to life, here with the voices of Anjelica Huston, Matthew Modine, and Marcia Gay Harden. The direction, by Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol, is fluid and deft, with inside nods to the camera work of notable film noir titles as well as the French New Wave. (Amazon review) Total viewing time:  70 minutes.  Rated PG.   Registration is not required



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