Sat, 04/20/2013 - 1:00pm


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Two Great Horror films in one day!

·      Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) - In this disturbing classic science fiction/ alien invasion film, Kevin McCarthy is Dr. Miles Bennell, a physician who returns to his small town practice to find his town has been taken over by an evil presence. Several of his patients are suffering from the paranoid delusion that their friends or relatives are impostors. The doctor is skeptical at first but then there are too many signs that the people in the town are being replaced by emotionless doppelgangers. When it becomes apparent that he and his finance are the only ones not yet “possessed” they make a desperate escape to get out of town and warn others. Rating: NR, 80 minutes

 The Birds (1963) - The residents of Bodega Bay are suddenly confronted with a malicious, full-scale attack by birds of all shapes and sizes. Hitchcock’s purest expression of an arbitrary universe, The Birds constitutes a prodigious technical achievement. Under the guidance of bird trainer Ray Berwick, Hitchcock employed thousands of real birds and his own ingenuity to create the most terrifying aspect of The Birds, the undeniable reality of seemingly impossible events.  Rating: NR, 119 mins.



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